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Austral Oil Engine

The company of Ronaldson Brothers & Tippett was established on April 1, 1905, by Dave Ronaldson, Adam Ronaldson and Herbert John Tippett. The newly formed company was to take over an existing implement manufacturer owned by Dave Ronaldson.

Over the next several years, the company manufactured 300 oil engines which they called the "Austral." The first design met with only moderate success, having problems with preignition.

In 1908 several modifications were made to the line, borrowing design features from the English Blackstone engine. The most noticable improvements were the sideshaft driven governor, vaporizer, oil trap, and timing valve.This engine produces 11 horsepower when running at its rated speed of 225 r.p.m. It left the factory on February 20, 1920 for delivery to McLaurin Bros. of Rutherglen, Victoria.

On the farm, this engine served a multitude of purposes, from pumping water from the Murray River to powering a seven-station sheep shearing plant.

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